Frontender v1.4.2

A Figma plugin that turns any component you select into clean code. It can write CSS or Tailwind, and even use your project's custom classes.

Used by 5.000+ developers
JSX with Tailwind

Figma to code, in a blink

Your front-end assistant.

Select any layer in Figma, and Frontender will convert it to front-end code. It's like having a personal junior developer, always available.

A Tailwind Pro.

Frontender understands CSS, but also Tailwind extremely well. It can use arbitrary values, or even find the closest value in the config.

Work with any messy file.

Frontender does not depend on autolayout or well-organized layers. It figures out order, hierarchy and meaning – even for messy files.

Supports custom classes.

Just paste your Tailwind config in Frontender, and watch how it writes production-ready code using your custom classes, like `bg-primary`.

"A must-have for every developer working with Tailwind."

Sjoerd Stottelaar
Sjoerd Stottelaar · @sjoerds

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Used by 5.000+ developers